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    RUSPANEL Structural Hydro and Heat-Insulated Leveling Panels (plates)

    made on the basis of extruded polystyrene, used under any finishing (material).


    1. Heat insulation of facades, exterior heat insulation, heat insulation of buildings, and outside insulation.

    2. Inside heat insulation, inside warmth maintenance, inside heat-insulating materials.

    3. Roof insulation, wall insulation, floor insulation, insulation of basements, insulation of concrete, insulation of wooden houses, and insulation of frame houses.

    4. Surface waterproofing, waterproof panels, waterproofing material, heat insulation hydro-insulation reliable (strong) foundation (base) for any finishing tile, paint, or wallpaper.

    5. Heat insulation, insulation and preparation for finishing of any unheated rooms balconies, loggias, terraces, garages, or porches.

    6. Creating partitions and walls without a framework, with excellent insulation properties.

    7. Bathroom waterproofing, bathroom panels, screen for (under) the bathtub, podium for the bathtub, furniture for bathroom and spa areas, private shower cabins designed for mosaic and tile, tabletop covers designed for mosaic, shower pan designed for mosaic, and waterproof panels.

    8. Material for the construction of Turkish baths, Roman baths, steam rooms, construction of domes, making beach beds, seating designed for mosaic, making heated beach beds.

    9. Insulating base with a slope, designed for finishing materials, shower pan designed for mosaic, tile, shower pan on the floor level, separate shower pan designed for tile.

    10. Making individual shower cabins, making shower partitions, making shower cabins designed for tile.

    11. Creating high-class designs of any shape or configuration.

    12. For laying tile in a wooden house, on the frame.


    1. Regulated heat insulation and 100% waterproof properties
    2. High degree of insulation
    2. Light weight
    3. Excellent design characteristics
    4. The best material to create high-quality bases, ready for any surface finishing, floor, or any other finishing material
    5. Reliable operational indicators
    6. Universal and unlimited functionality
    7. Resistant to cycles of freezing and thawing
    8. Minimal linear expansion
    9. High compressive and tensile strength
    10. High adhesive force and tearing strength
    11. Fast assembly technology
    12. Large range of thicknesses
    13. Factory ready for immediate use
    14. Perfectly flat surface panels
    15. All materials, applied on the sandwich panel are guaranteed to preserve the surface


    Specialists in the production of Hammams (Turkish baths) were the first to appreciate the unsurpassed qualities of RPG panels. They have excellent hydro and heat insulation properties. Only this material can maintain its structure in 100% humidity and at relatively high temperatures, without changing, and thus protect the finishing material on its surface.


    RUSPANEL technology is ideal for facade works. It creates a perfectly smooth base, ready for any façade facing materials (paint, exterior plaster, stone, etc.) at the same time, it provides the best heat insulation and is 100% moisture-resistant. The 50 mm panels are best for using as the main heat insulation layer. This prevents the facade finishing material from cracking, it has constant heat insulation properties in any humidity, and it can withstand several thousand freezing and thawing cycles.


    RUSPANEL is a technology suitable for any surface. Perfect leveling, insulation functions of the panels, readiness for any finishing (tile, paint, wallpaper, etc.) are supplemented by simple assembly and reliability. It is suitable for heat insulation and waterproofing of the walls, leveling instead of plastering and during restoration work, creating a sturdy foundation and a smooth water-resistant foundation in the wet zone areas (bathrooms, showers, swimming pools, Turkish baths, etc.) Frameless installation, a wide range of panel thicknesses, additional sound insulation properties, environmental friendliness, comfort and quality.


    Leveling the base, heat insulation and waterproofing, raising the floor level and creation of a surface ready for installation of virtually any floor covering (tile, laminate, parquet, etc.) all these difficult tasks can be solved by RPG Panels on any material (wood floor, concrete, frame, etc.) Heat insulation of the floor with preparation for finishing, laying tile on a wooden floor, the "warm floor" system is laid on the panel without additional materials. The panel has sound insulation properties. Different options for fixing the panel such as gluing, mechanical or combined approach are suitable for any material.

    Bathroom Screen

    RPG panels are an uncompromising solution for facing the bathroom. They have a reliable water-resistant base with a smooth surface, ready for laying the tile. Quick installation, unlimited service life and ease of use. It is possible to make a revision hatch in the panel, by cutting out the desired size. It has no frame, which allows you to quickly mount the panel. It is possible to set the screen taking into account future dismantling for revision. The panel creates screens and podiums for all types of bathtubs and shapes, the material is especially indispensable for bathtubs with additional equipment, or where it is necessary to conduct revision works.

    Shower pan

    In private construction they are increasingly using shower pans on a level with floor tiling, mosaics instead of a standard shower tray. This is a system for creating showers at the floor level, which is based on RPG construction board. The shower pan has waterproof properties, with a slope for water drainage.